Stiff and hooked shifting?

First gear not going in?

Vibrations noice from the  shifter?

This is often due to the worn shift rod guide. To change them, the shift rod must be pulled out to the front. Elaborate and uncomfortable. Especially annoying when the cover on the apron under the front bumper is neatly painted.

With our 2-part shift rod guide (in-house production), the shift rod remains in place. The new guide is installed completely through the opening of the shift lever. Both halves have a small screw to make it easier to insert and turn during assembly. At your fingertips

Made from solid material – high-strength, wear-resistant industrial plastic

Complete set for installation through the opening of the dismantled shifter – including detailed installation manual

With retaining screw for easy insertion and turning during assembly. Complete installation from the interior

komplett eingebaut klein

Fully installed. The two parts are mutually locked mechanically