Actual time of delivery

VW beetle before 1967 or VW Bus T1 aprox. 8-10 days (overholing sended ones)
after 1967 aprox. 3-5 days in exange from stock

Who do not worry about worn door hinge? Like always with doors-  seems to be easy – but isn´t. After motor and gearbow the doors included most of parts.

Changing door hinge pin?
Changing complete door hinge?

We do the overholing of complete door hinge in exange. Suitanable and wear-resistant without unpleasent surprises.

For changing the hinge there is only the need to demount the door panel and to remove the door from the A-column. All other parts still keep in.

To change the lower is very easy – the upper needs a litle knowhow

after demounting
after sand blusting
pressed in bush
ready to mount
additional info for hinge VW Bus T1
Is it worth to do the overholing?

The quality of new hinges is from “as before” up to “correct quality”. As well  not all types of hinges are new availible.


Advantages for overholing
  • keep of original parts
  • high precision
  • pin still on in original dimension
  • sutainible by wear resitant bush
  • manual qualitiy check
  • no lubrication needed
What we do
  • pressing out old pin
  • sand blusting
  • checking the main tolerances
  • new boring in high quality
  • press in wear resistant bush
  • colourd in rust resistant paint
  • new pin in original dimension
  • correct bolt according year of construction
Whatever you decide to do for repair………….
first step is that the bolts holding of the hinge at the A-column must be movable.
…… in the beginning to take the door out…….or at the end to adjust the door after repair.


replacemant with operation manual

To take the hnges out seem to be more work thant to change only the bolts….but at the end it ins´t. our manual hhalps step by step as well as our tutorials (see following). The most terrible point are the bolts in the A-column holding the hinge.

Starting tying changing only the bolts there can be a lot of unpleasent surprises.

demount of the door panel
demount of the sealing
demount lower hinge
mount lower hinge
upper hinge demount
upper hinge mount

change only the pin

Austausch des Scharnier

  • hinge leaves in the door
  • no need to take the door out
  • only small painting needed
  • do the pin comes out ?
  • maybe bigger pin in ?
  • worn higher than 8,2 mm ?
  • 2nd person for help
  • special tool needed
  • special drift bolt needed
  • hand reamer needed
  • bad surprises guaranteed
  • best result guaranteed                         
  • eleminate rust behind the hinges            
  • no bad surprises         
  • only standard tools needed       
  • suitanible repair          
  • original size of the pin 8 mm
  • no oversize of the pin
  • door must be demounted
  • door panel must be demounted
  • demouting of the hinges
  • boring out of the  rivets
  • painting of the hinge needed
FAZIT changing pin

If all is running according plan you will have a good result- but there can be a lot of bad surprises to get an good result

FAZIT change the complete hinge

Will be more work – but a good result ist guaranteed. There will be no bad surprises following the plan. You can eleminate the rust behind the hinges. It will be a complete insprection of the door.


before year of construction 1967 and VW Bus T1

hinge single              €    49,50

hinge set (4 pcs.)       € 185,00

VW Beetle: If wanted left side also with bolt for mirror – no price extra.

VW Bus T1: for mirror arms please request. Extra costs

Extra sending costs to foreign countries. Depends.

after year of construction 1967

hinge single              €    47,50

hinge set (4 pcs.)       € 175,00

Extra sending costs to foreign countries. Depends.

Using our door hinges will guarantee best result for the next  decades. Guaranteed by the high precision with our  permanent lubricated door hinges.        
Commercial processing

Orderr through our shop or send to our adress. Important: your adress, telephone number and mail adress.- or use the download here

If there is no additional information from your side you get the hinge back with the same type of bolts you sended them.

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+49 172 2138389

When the hinge are ready we send our invoice by mail. After the payment is done by paypal we send them out by DHL (USA UPS)

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