kompletter einbaufertiger Satz vom Tank bis zum Vergaser

Petrol hose made in Europe by a well-known manufacturer.

Guaranteed suitability and approval according to EN 228: 2017, EN 590: 2017 as well as standard / approval: SAE J30R2 and SAE J30R6. (currently valid approval).

The petrol filter is from the manufacturer Mahle, which has been known for decades.

……… as always: detailed installation instructions

by the way: there was never a petrol filter in the engine compartment from factory…..

We offer complete, pre-assembled sets for VW Beetles 12/13/1500 (short front end) and 1302/1303.

Everything is included to swap the hoses from the tank outlet to the carburetor inlet. As with all our products,

It is important to us that the quality is consistently high and repeatable.

Mit im Satz enthalten ein Ersatzfilter und die zwei kurzen Schlauchstücke für die Unterdruckverstellung der Zündung

…….. and so we don’t offer a set with a petrol filter in the engine compartment. The filters just got into the engine compartment out of laziness. Neither the temperature nor the material are permanently suitable for this. Old and porous gasoline hoses and filters are the number one cause of engine fires in my opinion.

No wonder it burns

Zweiter Ersatzfilter (Inspektion) mit im Satz enthalten

the practical one

The fuel filter is located near the rear axle in the connection between the frame tunnel outlet and the pipe inlet to the engine. (1302/03 only in this version)

To change, you only have to remove the left rear wheel and everything is easily accessible. (Picture)

Our clamp helps here either way (picture)

Zweiter Ersatzfilter (Inspektion) mit im Satz enthalten

the originals

The fuel filter is difficult to access between the tank and the entrance to the frame tunnel (picture)

To change you only have to remove the right front wheel – but it is still very narrow and fiddly

… and in my opinion this is the reason why the filter ended up in the workshop in the engine compartment