• measuring on the surface of the cylinder head (not plug)
  • real live monitoring of the temperature of the cylinder head 
  • the oil becomes hot at the hoverheated cylinder head
  • prohibit motor demage by preventive monitoring the temperature (live)
  • the oil temperare is far behind the cylinder head

With an external oil cooler the risk is higher not to realize an overheated cyinder head. The oil cooler is able to keep the hoter oil in correct temparature – but the head is overheated. The external oil cooler keeps the oil on correct temperature – but do not increase the higher oil flow which is needed. (Details)

Sensor Komplett
Spark-plug and sensor is one unit
the sensor is integerated and the unit is easy to handle
am typ 4 klein
Measuring is done on the surface of the cylinder head.
easy to plug. No lost of cooling air
Measuring on the surface of the cylinder head
complete unit to replace the old ring sensor with VDO instrument
Cylinder head temperatures
  • 100°C               short time after starting the motor
  • 120-150° C       driving on a country road. Low burden
  • 180°C               normal temperature under load 
  • 250°                 crirical temperature (risk of motor damage)

The old system with ring sensor under the plug was bad from the handling. Ofter the sensor was crashed by changing the plug. Also the correct cover of the hole was bad. So cooling air went lost

(Detail). The systme is availible for motors typ 1 and Typ 4 – 12V + 6V 

ZKT 1.0

  • hided mounted e.g. in the motor compartment
  • reaching adjusted critical temperature you get a flashing alarm to the oil pressure lamp
  • no additional cable needed to the front
  • connection by 3 cable in the motor compartment
  • alarm can be adjusted individual

ZKT 1.1

  • digital monitoring and control
  • flashing alarm signal fot the oil pressure lamp
  • cable from motor to front needed (included in the delivery)